b'LOCATION,LOCATION, LOCATIONResorts and memorable meeting experiencesby Tanja NowotnyA of the puzzle that ultimately results in whether or not an As business culture continues to evolve, so do the methods of corporate event planning. No longer are meetings heldevent is successful.in mundane settings. Experience-based events that areBased on research from the Experience Institute, designed to make long-lasting memories are now destination is the single most important element in getting the norm. an attendee to commit to a corporate event. According According to Corporate Event Planner Social Tables,to the data collected, 71 per cent of individuals from all Weve stepped into an era of meeting designwhere agenerations reported that the destination was a factor day of speakers in a ballroom is essentially the equivalentwhen deciding to attend. Additionally, almost 30 per cent of selling millennials pagers. In fact, 80 per cent ofsaid it was the deciding factor. corporate event planners say experience creation is moreIn an era where employees consistently dismiss relevant today than it was just two to five years ago.personal vacation time, destinations become even more Now, when businesses plan an event, planners arerelevant as some employees may use the corporate event looking at more than just a mere moment in time. Theyas an opportunity to add a pre- or post-meeting vacation. are looking to create fun corporate events that have aThe DTA2 survey confirms this, stating 50 per cent of meaningful impact that lasts long after the event attendees are likely to extend their stay or bring others. has ended.With the importance of destinations making such a According to a Decision to Attend Study (DTA2), the toplarge impact on event planning, resorts have come into drivers for meeting attendance are education (92 per cent),the limelight as a viable alternative to standard meetings destination (78 per cent) and networking (76 per cent).in hotels or convention halls. Resort operators offer The age-old trinity of sourcing a meetingrates, dates anddestinations all over the world that could suit any corporate spacehas now grown to include destination. But its moreneedwhether that be a location that includes the sun, sea than just choosing a place on a mapits an integral pieceand sand, or one that has snow, slopes and chalets.10 CORPORATE MEETINGS & EVENTS corporatemeetingsnetwork.ca'