b'event consultant profileCM&E:at a newly-opened hotel. There wereI have a strong work ethic. I enjoy What elements major concerns that the venue wouldseeing a project from beginning to make up good event planning not be ready to open by our eventend. Im not going to quit until itsand management? date. Luckily, it was ready. The hotelall done. didnt have their processes in place SYDNEY:or have the required staff to executeBeing able to juggle demands of five Being organized,different clients at one time.being diplomatic and being flexible.the event. It was not optimal. We haveI enjoy collaborating with colleagues, Using software likeCVENTreturned to the venue and had a muchgraphic designers, venue (comprehensive event management)better experience this year.etc., to assist. Listening to your clientscoordinators, hotels, service providers. Another challenging experience was and delivering what they have askedhaving the venue electrician tell meIn 2019, I did five events where I was for. Negotiating contracts, setting andthat they didnt have enough powerthe lead and assisted on two for my following budgets. Keeping track offor our exhibitors and would becolleague in the office. This year, exhibitors needs and giving themadding circuits on the evening beforeJanuary and February were busy for what they need on the day. Settingthe event. The electrician let me knowme and May will also be busy because a schedule/timeline for the onsitethe electricity would be turned offI have two conferences inside of two days. This is very useful once yourethe night before the event while theyweeks. In September, I have a clients on site, youll know whats supposedinstalled a new panel. But all went wellnational week-long convention and to happen and be able to gaugeand the power was on by 7:30 a.m., sotrade show. Two weeks later, I have whether you are running ahead ofeveryone was relieved.a conference for another client. So, I time or falling behind. Its importanthave really busy times and then time to be flexible because things can goto prepare for the next event. wrong, and you may need to adjustCM&E: What does a typical your schedule accordingly. Of course,day look like for you?remaining calm in the midst of changeCM&E: How do you make will result in the best outcomes for all.events successful and memorable?I like to keep things moving along inSYDNEY: A typical day in the office has me working with up to as positive a manner as possible.five separate events. I work a normalSYDNEY: I listen very closely eight-hour day. The onsite hours areto what each client is wanting to CM&E:long, in that a typical tradeshow set-upachieve, and I do my best to fulfill their What are some of the challenges youve faced?day can run as long as 12 hours. requests. Keeping events on budget is When I am working on conferences,a very important aspect of my job.SYDNEY:the days usually start early, aroundHere at Strauss, our expertise in Learning new6:30 a.m. I need to be onsite to rununderstanding the big picture while terminology in dealing with traderegistration, make sure the audio- executing the finer details is enhanced shows. I hadnt dealt with trade shows,visual system is set correctly in eachby our exceptional connections across so had to learn new terms like pipeseminar/break-out room and in theCanada. Through our industry-specific and drape, which is the backdrop and sides for each booth, and what amain plenary room. I also have torelationships in finance, IT, marketing, pump truck is. I was surprised to learnconfirm the food and beverages arelaw, government and other areas, we its a type of pallet jack, a basic form ofdelivered as ordered. can help our association clients excel a forklift.Solving issues as they arise or trying totoday while building for tomorrow.Dealing with multiple venues on aanticipate where problems will arise isThrough our relationships in tour, I had to understand how to movea major part of the job.entertainment, training, hospitality, cargo from city to city. We work with aaudio/video technology and travel, we can deliver signature events that transportation logistics company thatCM&E:inspire audiences, build your brand transports gear between the citiesWhat makes you stand and shows. I need to know what sortout from the rest?and respect your budget.of loading dock each venue has forWhether managing a major them. This helps the material handlingSYDNEY:conference or trade show, or My sense of humour crew estimate the amount of timesets me apart. Its better to laugh at aproviding all management services and extra labour they will need tosituation than to get angry or upset.for a large health-care or business complete the load in/set-up and tearMy calm demeanor also sets me apart.association, we work with clients to down of each show. It puts the clients at ease with theexplore and implement opportunities One of the more challengingknowledge that the problems will befor growth, operational efficiencies experiences was being the first eventhandled and resolved.and revenue generation.Spring/Summer 2020CORPORATE MEETINGS & EVENTS 25'