b'speaker spotlightCM&E:my humour positive and as safe as Your job cant be allpossible. I think one of the secrets fun and games. What are some ofis laughing at yourself as much as the challenges of doing the workyou can. Im the butt end of a lot of you do? jokes. Im never putting anyone in the audience down. I dont pick on MICHAEL:people. I would never intentionallyIts funny, because non-speakers sometimesinsult anybody or offend anybody. Its ask me if I ever have nightmares orcoming from a good place.anxiety dreams about speaking in public, and I rarely do. Most of my anxiety dreams, as it relates to theCM&E: Any advice for leaders business, are all about travel. Its aboutwho would like to include more getting from point A to point B, whichhumour in the workplace?probably suggests where some of the stress is. Another challenge thatMICHAEL: comes to mind is working in a reallyI encourage challenging room. Ive had somethem, in terms of bringing humour weird ones over the years, where theinto their lives and into the culture, audience is around the corner of theto make sure they are celebrating room and half of them cant evenpositive, constructive humour. see you. I spoke years ago in Hawaii,That theyre finding humour in the where the audience was on the otheraccidentally funny things out there side of a swimming pool. Youre tryingin the world. That theyre laughing to connect with an audience; its reallyat all the things they have no control important that you have that sense ofover in life, so that they can do I introduced elements in my keynoteintimacy. So, that can certainly be their jobs more seriously. Its about that are still there today. I used alla challenge.taking their work seriously, but not these crazy props, and I introducedthemselves so seriously. Thats a my happy dance, and I just went CM&E:really important message I deliver, wild with it. And I got a rousingHumour is subjectivetoois just reminding them of the standing ovation. what one person finds funny,truism that, especially as leaders, another person may find offensive.the more seriously a person takes I remember thinking, thats what IHow do you balance that in themselves, the less seriously people have to do. I have to be myself, andyour presentations? tend to that person. Which is a little not be afraid to be different and be abit ironic, right? Because people take little outrageous. Im still deliveringMICHAEL:themselves seriously in the hopes great content and relevant ideas butI practice one-in as outrageous a way as possible.hundred-percent safe humour. Ofthat everyones taking them seriously. Humour is the vehicle for helping mycourse, the odd time along the way,The reality becomes were not taking messages to come across better.the most bizarre things might getyou seriously, because youre taking somebody upset. But I try to keepyourself so bloody seriously. Con-cation (noun):WORD ORIGIN a conference + a vacation1.when you attend an event & stay for a fun adventure2.what happens when you book your event at the VICC1.866.430.6338 viconference.com8 CORPORATE MEETINGS & EVENTS corporatemeetingsnetwork.ca'