b'GREAT GOLF GETAWAYSPutting the tee in team buildingGolf is a great way to relax, have fun and enjoy nice weather.Hittingtherangecanbeagreatwayto network with clients and customers. Golfing is also a perk for the staff, and it makes for a perfect team bonding exercise that teaches the value ofgettingalongandlearningtotrustand depend on co-workers.Additionally,golfcanrevealvaluable insightsaboutyourteam.Someonewith thepropensitytocheatatgolfmayalso takethosepracticesintotheoffice.Same with temper tantrums and unfinished plays. Ontheotherhand,asmooth,honestand compatibleplayerarethetraitsofagreat coworker. Allinall,golfingistheperfectaddition toallareasofbusinessclients,customers and colleagues. Checkoutourlistforsomeofthegreatgolfing retreats and opportunities available across the country!30 CORPORATE MEETINGS & EVENTS corporatemeetingsnetwork.ca'