b'venueOperating 70 resorts around the world, industrypioneer Club Med has taken the mix of business and pleasure to a whole new level by introducing its WORKTAINMENT concept. Club Med wanted to bring pleasure back into work moments, says Club Med MICE Business Development Manager Maria Chung. Striking a balance between productivity and play is a priority for Club Med. Its also the goal behind our WORKTAINMENT approach to corporate eventsa strategy that blends first-rate meeting facilities with world-class resort experiences that transcendguests expectations.In a research study conducted by Forbes magazine, employee happiness has become increasingly imperative in the business climate. The study found that happy employees are up to 20 per cent more productive than unhappy ones. When it comes to salespeople, happinesswithout even having to leave the resort. Thats because has an even greater impact, raising sales by 37 per cent.Club Med embraces local culture by infusing aspects into Additionally, friendships created at work can also boostthe surroundings and maintaining the natural spaces.employee satisfaction by 50 per cent.At Club Med you wont find two resorts that look or feel Based on these figures, WORKTAINMENT sees team- identical, Chung says. When we build a resort, we use building experiences as playing a major role in the overallone-third of the site for the accommodations and common experience of business guests. As such, Club Med providesspace, and the other two-thirds for natural gardens, forests a host of activities for guests to partake in, includingor beachesit all depends on the location of the site.tennis, archery, and water sports like kayaking, canoeing orAs the paradigm shifts toward more purposeful and paddle-boarding. meaningful corporate events, resorts are certainly proving The most famous of our team-building activities isto be a viable alternative when it comes to combining our CREACTIVE activities by Cirque du Soleil, Chungeducation, networking, team building and, of course, the explained. CREACTIVE is a one-of-a-kind series of circus/ all-important destination!art experiences that takes place in a dream-like playscape. Offered in our resorts in Punta Cana (Dominican Republic)Centre Mont-Royaland Opio en Provence (France), our guests have the opportunity to discover up to 30 acrobatic and artisticturns 20 in 2020!activities including aerial arts, the flying trapeze, juggling,Dedicated to your stilt walking and dancing, to name a few. events for two decadesWhen it comes to workspace, Club Med does not offer big convention halls, but instead provides intimate meeting space for groups of 30 to 400 people in most of their resorts. Not only does the smaller space add flavour and ambiance to the overall corporate experience, it also provides ample networking opportunities. When not attending business sessions or team-building activities, attendees can experience the local culture 2000Centre Mont-Royal 2200 Manseld Street 2020Montral QubecH3A 3R8514 844-20001-866-844-2200www.centremontroyal.comSpring/Summer 2020CORPORATE MEETINGS & EVENTS 11'