b'speaker spotlighthear it from some of the audience members that I speak to around the world, too. Its just so frustrating to me when you see really good people who just want to do good work. They want to show up every day and contribute in a positive way, but theyre caught in this culture that isnt allowing them to do that. Theyre working in the soul-sucking, fun-sucking culture, where they cant be their best. CM&E: But work isnt supposed to be fun, is it? CM&E:CM&E: What are some ofWhat was it like the most common workplacewhen you first started doing MICHAEL:dysfunctions you see? presentations? In fact, thats one of my central messages: work is incredibly important in our life.MICHAEL:MICHAEL: It impacts our mental and physicalEverybody hasI remember my health. It affects our marriages andtheir own sort of pain point. For some,first few talks, where, even though I family lives. It affects our personalit might be just attracting top talentwas known for my funny delivery style development and growth, and whothat is a good fit for their culture. Forand sense of humour, I pulled back on we socialize with, and where you live,others, that might be hanging ontothat at first. I had fallen into this trap of even. Its the single biggest use of ourthose good employees and reducingthinking, well, Im speaking to these waking hours in this short thing calledtheir employee turnover rates. Forbusiness professionals, so I have to be life. So, one of my central messagesa lot of them, though, theres verymore serious. is, hey, work has a huge impact onspecific issues that crop up. One of them is just stress and resiliency.After this one talk, I remember saying us. We owe it to our employees, toWanting their employees to be moreto my wife, it went over okay. But just the families of employees, to ourresilient, especially in the face ofokay, and I knew that wasnt going to customers, to ourselves, to create achange. Another big one that I hearbe good enough. I remember thinking positive, inspiringand yes, even astime and time again, especially fromin that moment, the next talk I do, fun a workplace as possible, becausesenior leaders, is people working inIm going to pull out all the stops. Im it has such a huge impact on us.silos. They want to do something togoing to do all this outrageous stuff, help tear down those silo walls.which is more my style. Thats when CM&E: Why shouldleaders embrace more fun inthe workplace?MICHAEL: Ive done a ton of research on the bottom line, financial and business impacts of more humour in a workplace culture, and one of the messages I send is: even if embracing more humour and fun in yourMemorable Meetings In workplace culture doesnt drive thoseAn Unforgettable Setting.bottom line financial resultsthat I suggest it will, if you take it seriously Meet, Play & Stay in Beautiful Burlingtoneven if it doesnt do that, what would you rather have: the same level of success and less fun, or the same level of success and at least have a little bit!$TourismBurlington"BurlingtonTourmore fun and enjoy the work journey, just a little bit more? It seems like a Visit tourismburlington.commeetings@tourismburlington.com 1.877.499.9989 no-brainer question to me. Spring/Summer 2020CORPORATE MEETINGS & EVENTS 7'