b'team building2. VIRTUAL REALITY ANDMOBILE ADVENTURESVirtual reality, also known as VR, is gaining traction as a powerful team building tool as the industry learns that it is as useful as it is cool. With VR, teams are placed inside an experience or simulated environment and participants interact with the Merging critical elements like creativevirtual reality headsets and tablets to 3D world.thinking and time managementcommunicate the mystery and clues, Since collaboration is key inwith modern technology, such assays Pett.team building, VR can be used toVR, is extremely popular in the teamAccording to Deiratani Politakis, create competition or challengesbuilding experience.as technology continues to evolve, that encourage decision making,Eventology has been tailoring theirTeamBonding continues to create communication and problem solving.team building programs, integratingactivities to harness it. The company is Im a big firm believer that if yourehighly requested escape room andtransforming traditional game shows going to use modern technology, usemurder mystery activities with VRand team building activities, like the it in an effective way that doesnt harmand high-tech devices. The murderscavenger hunt and trivia game, and the communication of the team goingmystery is still around the dinner table,taking them into the digital age with forward, Alexandra Pett explains.but Eventology uses technology likemobile apps, GPS systems and iPads.3. CUSTOMIZATIONBoth TeamBonding and Eventologystrategic communication amongst boast completely customizableteamsor even an entire company. events, understanding that everyTogether, the group creates an artistic Customization and personalizationcompany and team has differentmasterpiece that can be tailor-made are revitalizing the team buildingneeds and preferences. Weto reflect a corporate identity or an market in 2020. Team building outletscustomize any event. It all depends onadvertising image.are encouraging their customers togroup size, budget, where its going toTeam building nowadays seems give their activities and experiences abe held and what a company wants to have a return on investment, personal touch. This enables a closerwhat they want to see, what they wantadds Pett, explaining that clients and more connected experience,to do, explains Amanda are focused on a certain business referencing the company culture Deiratani Politakis. objective that theyre trying to get out and delivering on identified Eventologys popular activity,of their team or theyre lookinglearning outcomes. The Big Picture, works wonders forto improve.Spring/Summer 2020CORPORATE MEETINGS & EVENTS 17'