b'team building4. SEASONALSince seasons are always changing and holidays are annual, this team building trend is here to stay. Opportunities for fun, festive team-building and bonding activities are endless when it comes to the holidays. Almost everyone has a holiday party, so try to bring teams togetherno matter what their beliefs, DeirataniPolitakis says.Holiday parties and seasonal conferences are a great chance to build teams and create corporate cohesion. Many conventional team building activities can be repurposed with a holiday twist. Seasonal team building activities are as vast and varied as the weather across Canada. During the cold months, businesses can invest in activities that will keep morale high and help beat the winter blues, like ice sculpting or tobogganing relays. When summer comes around, more companies will opt to soak up the sun with activities that take them out of the office. TeamBonding offers a diverse range of pursuits that embrace the summer months, including Sand Sculpting and Summer Camp Throwback. One such activity, Build-a-Boat, has teams design and build a person-powered, corrugated cardboard boat while helping to identify leadership characteristics.18 CORPORATE MEETINGS & EVENTS corporatemeetingsnetwork.ca'