b'GOLD SEAL CERTIFIEDMuska, Arthur - Superintendent, General Powers, John - Project Manager, Roofing Reid, Scott - Project Manager, GeneralNadeau, Denis J. - Estimator, Sheet Metal Quanson, Wayne Graham - Rendek, Terrence Antony -Nagel, Gerry - Superintendent, General Estimator, General Project Manager, GeneralNeuman, David R. - Racine, Jennifer - Reutlinger, Walter -Project Manager, Door/Wind/Glaze Project Manager, General Project Manager, Civil InfrastructureNewbold, Daniel J. - Rae, Ken - Project Manager, Insulation Reznik, Ray J. - Estimator, GeneralProject Manager, Door/Wind/Glaze Raitt, Gregory R. - Ridley, David B. -Newlands, Bill - Estimator, Civil Infrastructure Project Manager, MechanicalProject Manager, Electrical Rasmussen, Gavin - Rietman, Robert Michael -Newman, Robert N. - Superintendent, General Superintendent, Civil InfrastructureSuperintendent, General Reichert, Victor J. - Robertson, Charles Richard Jame -Nodes, Joe - Project Manager, General Superintendent, Mechanical Project Manager, LandscapingNorman, Brian - Superintendent, GeneralNutley, Ian - Project Manager, GeneralNyirfa, Blaine - Superintendent, General ORDER ONLINE OR FIND Ouimet, George - THE BRANCH NEAR YOU ON Project Manager, Drywall BROCKWHITE.CAOwen, Chris A. -Project Manager, MechanicalOwen, Richard -Project Manager, MechanicalPaige, Jason W. - Estimator, GeneralPalik, Leonard Douglas -Project Manager, GeneralPanopoulos, Brandon -Project Manager, GeneralPapke, Bodo - Project Manager, GeneralParks, Gary J. -Estimator, Mechanical, Project ManagerPasitney, Gerald -Project Manager, ElectricalPasitney, Troy - Project Manager, ElectricalPearson, Don -Project Manager, Civil Infrastructure PRODUCTS FOR INSTITUTIONAL, COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIALPelletier, David G. -AND RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION SINCE 1954Project Manager, MechanicalPelletier, Mark -Project Manager, Electrical Brock White is your source for a full range of professional grade Penner, David - construction materials. We have the products you need to get the Owners Construction ManagerPerepolkin, Clifford W. - job done. Come see our expanded selection of landscape Project Manager, Mechanical products and GC supplies! Shop online at www.BrockWhite.ca.Petersen, Craig -Project Manager, General KELOWNA822 McCurdy Place, BC V1X 8C8250-765-9000Pisio, Nick Anthony -Project Manager, MechanicalPlumpton, James -Project Manager, Electrical WWW.BROCKWHITE.CAPohl, Bernd - Superintendent, GeneralSICA CONSTRUCTION REVIEWFall 201927'