b'KALESNIKOFF LUMBERS MASS TIMBER PLANTKALESNIKOFF LUMBERS BY MATTHEW BRADFORDMASS TIMBER PLANT TAKES SHAPE will include additional machinery and systems sourced from Germany, Austria, alesnikoff Lumber iscompanys bloodlines, and we knew itSlovenia and Italy.K branching out. This year, thewas a really good transition for us to goFrom an equipment standpoint, we West Kootenay-based lumberone more step downstream and produceare focused on going with partners who mill began development on asome of the finished products. have a history in mass timber and who new mass timber manufacturing we felt could truly provide us the ability facility in the South Slocan regionwith the intent to expand the FUTURE-READY to produce the highest-quality panels companys footprint. The Kalesnikoff Lumber mass timberwith the most amount of flexibility, plant will span 110,000 square feetsays Kalesnikoff, noting, Theyve We knew that to secure our businessover a 17-acre site in South Slocan,all embraced the latest technologies, for the future, we had to investwhich is located a short drive awaymethods, and tools like 3D modelling, downstream, says Chris Kalesnikoff,from its existing operations. Theand now we can too.who serves as Chief Operating Officergreenfield building will feature what the at the family-owned mill alongsidecompany is touting as some of the mostOnce open, the plant will produce three his sister and Chief Financial Officertechnologically-advanced mass timbermain mass timber products. First and Krystle Seed, and company owner Willymanufacturing equipment in foremost will be its cross-laminated Kalesnikoff. We started looking at aNorth America. timber, as well as glue-laminated variety of opportunities over the lasttimber panels and Glulam beams. The six to eight years and, ultimately, massThe first thing we did is travelledcompany is also intent on equipment timber was something that made a lotto Europe where the experts in massto produce additional offerings such as of sense for our company because wedtimber production are to get a sense ofnonstructural finger-jointed products.already been supplying that marketplacewho the best producers of mass timber for over 30 years with the Canadianproducts were and what equipment theyWe call it from forest to finale, says lumber stocks. were using. Then, we started buildingKalesnikoff. Not only are we going relationships with those equipmentto be out there harvesting our timber The Kalesnikoffs plans were alsomanufacturers, recalls Kalesnikoff.and making sure that that right tree is motivated by incoming changes to thegoing into the right product, but were National Building Code, which willKalesnikoffs team ultimately selectedalso following that product all the way allow the construction of mass timberhigh-frequency press technology forthrough our plant and right into the building up to 12 storeys in 2020.its mass timber production operations,final build.which enables the plant to cook its When we saw that opportunityglue lines in a matter of moments.STEADY GROWTHcoming, we knew embracing massThe company chose Denmark-based timber was a good move for ourKallesoe Machinery A/S equipmentThe $35 million Kalesnikoff project is business and something we hadto supply its high-frequency pressescurrently being constructed by Norsteel to pursue, Kalesnikoff continues.and Quebecs Conception R.P. Inc.Building Systems Ltd., based in West Adding value is something thats in thisfor its finger-joint machine. The plantKelowna. Norsteel and Kalesnikoff 50 SOUTHERN INTERIOR CONSTRUCTION ASSOCIATION'