b'INDUSTRY ROUNDTABLEPhoto credit: naturallywood.com; photographer: KK Law.INDUSTRYBY MATTHEW BRADFORDROUNDTABLE Brock Commons TallwoodHouse at the University ofBritish Columbia in Vancouver.BUILDING CODE CHANGESTHE 2020 NATIONAL BUILDING CODE OF CANADA IS INTRODUCING SIGNIFICANT CHANGES FOR THE CONSTRUCTION COMMUNITY. IN PARTICULAR, WOOD BUILDING CODE CHANGES WILL SOON ALLOW FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF WOOD BUILDINGS UP TO 12 STOREYS. SICA CONSTRUCTION REVIEW REACHED OUT TO SEVERAL INDUSTRY STAKEHOLDERS FOR THEIR TAKE ON HOW WOOD BUILDING DESIGNS AND DEVELOPMENTS WILL BE IMPACTED. VICKI TOPPING (VT)TERRY BROWN (TB)PHIL LONG (PL) PartnerPresidentOwner MQN Architecture & Interior DesignSTBR Consulting Ltd. Phil Long Construction Services Ltd. (Vernon, BC) (Kelowna, BC) (West Kelowna, BC)IN YOUR OPINION, WHAT IS THE BIGGEST IMPACTmany other elements beyond the structural considerations OF THE NEW BUILDING CODE CHANGES need to be incorporated into the CLT shop drawings, such TO CONSTRUCTION? as door and window openings, electrical and mechanical considerations, among others. Lastly, the supply of CLT TB:Allowing wood construction up to 12 storeys is apanels might also be an issue. As a relatively new concept significant change for the construction industry. The use ofin mid-height building construction, there are not yet an cross-laminated timber (CLT) can be a game-changer for mid- abundance of regional sources.height buildings, whether they are residential or commercial projects. Cross-laminated timber construction panels arePL:The changes will certainly have an impact. We are seeing lighter than other typical building materials (concrete,the use of structural wood in tall buildings in other parts of steel), so soil preparation and foundations can be reducedthe world, and, considering the product availability in B.C., proportionately; and as the CLT panels are prefabricated, theit is timely that Canada makes an effort to catch up. The completion time of the building can be accelerated. University of British Columbia has been a national leader in That being said, there are several off-setting considerations,paving the way for this code update with the construction such as the cost of the CLT panels. Being made of solidof their Brock Commons Student Residence, Tallwood wood, CLT panels require a lot more material comparedHouse, which I understand was mainly attributable to the to traditional stick-frame stud buildings. Moreover, theyuse of a wood structure that enabled its completion four will likely require a longer lead time for onsite delivery, asmonths ahead of schedule. I havent done a cost study of 52 SOUTHERN INTERIOR CONSTRUCTION ASSOCIATION'