b'SICAS 50TH ANNIVERSARY GALAsit-down, plated meal that SICA wanted in celebration of its members. It was the feel that I wantedthe three-course, sit-down plated meal, says Wilshaw, as opposed to people getting up and standing in a buffet line for their food. Besides that, by the time you put that many tables into that space, with the bars and the stage, it would have been very tight to have a buffet, with people getting up to get to that buffet.The challenge was, the Laurel Packinghouse has only a small kitchen area, and this was the staging space for a plated meal for 150. I hired a Kelowna company called The Art of Fine Catering, which created the meal outside of the venue, brought it to the venue, and then just had tables uponThis night, however, was all aboutfounding membersNielsen Roofing tables of the plates ready to go, andrecognizing and celebrating the& Sheet Metal of Pentictonwhich then plating it as (the owner, Alexandralongstanding support of members,shows the dedication by some of the Littles) servers were taking it out to theincluding some of SICAs foundingcompanies to supporting the industry. attendees. Thats not an easy task. Shemembers. The night honoured sixTo see a company like Betts Electric wanted a buffet, and she told me that50-year members, and Henderson says(also out of Penticton) that is still run I was absolutely crazy to want a platedSICA was excited to have the Roofingby, I believe, the fourth generation meal in a venue with no kitchen,Contractors Association of Britishof the family, and Interior Plumbing laughs Wilshaw, but I knew that sheColumbia also in attendance. One of& Heating out of Kamloops, which could do it. our 50-year members is also one of theircelebrated its 70th year in business as PICK 1 OF 3 LIMITED-TIME OFFERS ON BOBCAT COMPACT EQUIPMENT.Save big when you purchase, lease, or nance your new machinery.BOOK A DEMO TODAY!Authorized Bobcat Dealer174 Adams Road, Kelownawww.WILLIAMSMACHINERY.com1.888.712.GRITSICA CONSTRUCTION REVIEWFall 201939'