b'KALESNIKOFF LUMBERS MASS TIMBER PLANThave partnered in the past, as the Kalesnikoffs business expanded and needed additional buildings. Norsteel is with them again on this build with another pre-engineered steel building, custom designed for this unique project.Ray Smith, Project Manager with Norsteel, will be with this project until completion, and is pleased with how well orchestrated the entire process is with his companys 27-plus years of experience. We mapped out the project, the schedules, the 50-plus truckloads of steel, the crews, the customer expectations and put our experience to work. When you have the expertise and the builds that we have, nothing is a surprise. The Kalesnikoffs are a great family and great business to work with.By late July, Norsteels crews had erectedchallenges your skills, but its also aplants high-tech equipmentall the structural steel and had alreadymark of pride to maintain our quality,and processes.completed part of the roofing and achieve the speed needed and teamwork wall cladding.required to keep the schedule with allWhats great about this plant is The building is designed specificallythe subtrades onsite, says Smith. Aswere growing our employment by for its South Slocan location with itswe are laying down the roof, there are35 per cent without harvesting any exceptionally high snow loads, saysteams of foundation workers pouringadditional timber. Its all downstream, Smith. This means the steel raftersthe concrete floor slabs closely behindsays Kalesnikoff, explaining, Were must be extremely large to withstandus, electrical, HVAC, and sprinklerembracing a lot of new building the weight of the snowup to sevencontractors following closely behindtechnology such as 3D modelling and feet deep and 25,000 pounds. Thisthem, and all working together inadvanced automation, so over half of requires specialized equipment andsynchronicity. Well be ready for thethat new employment is technology-cranes to hoist the steel into place. main production equipment arriving based or technology-driven jobs. in September.The other half is among the project The plant is designed to supportmanagement team, the sales team, two 7.5-ton bridge cranes spanningTAKING ROOT where all the growth is really occurring.80 feet. These will move the massBeyond building capacity for timber products inside the buildingKalesnikoff Lumber, the new plant is setConstruction on the plant is slated to from station to station, and requiresto drive employment within the region.wrap up in early fall, with Kalesnikoffs considerable interior clearances.When it opens in 2020, it will addinitial mass timber products slated approximately 50 full-time positions toto come down the line by the end of Because the timber products are sothe companys roster, a bulk of which2019. Full operations are expected to long, the cranes need to maneuver themwill be focused on maintaining thecommence in the summer of 2020.from one crane area to another. This required additional 70-foot-wide Jack Beams supporting the roof weight plusSINCE 1992the additional weight of the cranes, says Smith.Groundwork began in March as soon as the frost receded, and all 50 truckloads of steel arrived in May as the foundation was being poured. It has been non-stop production for the Norsteel crews since then, who have been utilizing their own in-house erecting crews and hiring locals to support the workforce.1295 STEVENS ROAD, WEST KELOWNA, BC | 250-769-3846 | 1-800-932-9131This is a project managers dream! ItWWW. NORSTEELBUILDINGSYSTEMS.COMSICA CONSTRUCTION REVIEWFall 201951'