b'FROM THE SICA TEAMATSUKO MACDOUGALL MARY-JAYE SALMONThe benefits of eLearning in the workplace arePart of my role as a Consultant is to help more than enough to take your staff trainingclients understand health and safety laws online. It is convenient, cost-effective, self- that apply to their day-to-day operations, and paced and available 24/7. Our selection ofassist with implementation and management eLearning courses has become very popularof those requirements. Although this sounds and keeps us very busy! If you order your coursesimple enough, it can be an overwhelming within business hours, we deliver your logintask, particularly for small construction information the same day. New online coursescompanies that typically lack the resources and are added regularly, so be sure to check out internal expertise needed to effectively manage our website! construction safety compliance. JANICE HAYNES ALEDA STYAN JEFF NORMANDEAU Our Project Services teamOur Project Services teamAs SICAs lead instructor I enjoy meeting each is a very valuable resource inis the first line of contact forand every one of our students of all ages who come Member Services. From tendermembers; whether it be questionswith a variety of construction experience. It is a to close we post projects, updateregarding current projects,joy to interact and engage in great conversations addendum and interestedassistance with CCDC/CCAwith the ultimate goal of providing support and bidders (where available).documents, construction Statutoryencouragement to help the students succeed. Every We also seek out bid resultsDeclarations or other project- day instructing is different and exciting knowing and award details, to assistrelated information, we are herethat I have made a positive impact on safety in in transparency within thefor you. Our team seeks to providethe workplace. This coming year I look forward to construction industry. the best communication to allsharing my passion and expertise in the classroom project owners and, of course, and hope to ignite that SPARK in everyone to our members. practise safety in our industry.SICA CONSTRUCTION REVIEWFall 20199'