b'CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY TRENDSand making sure that nothing is stalledBUILDING INFORMATION MODELLING (BIM)in there. One segment of our business,Photo credit: EllisDonfor exampleour power line customershave 100 jobs on the go, and this technology helps them to make sure that they are staffed up and coordinated to be able to handle the workload coming up, but also to move things through the pipeline as quickly as they can so that they can get paid quickly for the work that was done.The Traqspera platform also has attachment upload capability, which is another function that assists in keeping all parties involved in a project on the same page. If someone in the field needs the office to pull up any drawings, specs or documents, says Thurber, the people in the field are using (tablets),Edmonton LRT at Davies Station: so they can pull up these things right inCivil Joint Venture CJV comprised the field without having to haul aroundof Bechtel and EllisDon.big binders full of paperwork. The same applies if they are doing inspections at the jobsite; they can pull up any of theBuilding information modelling hasdeliverable, so that when they do know documentation or files needed for thatbeen around for years, and for designwhat to do with it, theyre ready to go, job right in the field. its mainstream, but its potential isand theyre quickly realizingjust beginning to be tapped, andthe potential. Thurber says early adopters, the techclients understanding of what it can savvy, or more progressive companiesdo is just beginning to come around.Building information modelling has have been the first ones at their door,Government authorities are startingevolved to the point where it is just but technology like this is becomingto develop a procurement and deliveryone aspect of the whole scope of a lot more mainstream. For the mostscope that includes BIM, says Scottinformation and potential that is out part, construction has been seen asChatterton of the Canada BIMthere to be utilized. The challenge we an old school industry, with paperCouncil, and theyre doing that from and faxes, but these technologies arethe perspective that they know BIMhave now is that clients are starting to becoming more feasible to use as laptopscan do so much, but theyre not suresee that, and theyre starting to ask more and tablets become smaller, lighter andexactly what those things are, so theyrequestions around what it can deliver, more powerful. starting to mandate BIM as part of thehe says.Add Value, Beauty, DistinctionMedical & Industrialto Your Projects Use MasonryServing Kelowna for Over 30 Years Gas Piping Systems250-762-7259Proud SICA Member for over 25 years!Complete Masonry Contracting M arkJ onesBrick Block Stone Facings Tel: (250) 319-0359 Glass Blocks #2-2900 Rawson Road Fax: 1-888-741-0192 mweiss.inc@gmail.com| Fax: 250-762-4581 | www.mweissmasonryinc.ca Chase, BCV0E 1M2mjones@marsonmechanical.comTruck & Crane ServicesForkliftsBobcat & Excavating Services60 SOUTHERN INTERIOR CONSTRUCTION ASSOCIATION'