b'CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY TRENDSout to companies like ours that could supply a basically drone-in-a-box system that would do its thing on a weekly or monthly basis.INTEGRATED SOFTWAREProcore is an all-in-one construction software solution that connects applications, devices and users on one central platform. Real-time data and Photo credit: Rekon Solutions Inc. insights provide comprehensive visibility into all aspects of a project, minimizing has allowed drones to pair with otherthat involved crossing a river section,risk and facilitating accurate projections, technology to deliver new services. and developers are using that forwhich Procore says will enable firms engineering and planning. around the world to save time and Vashaun Henderson, Operationsmoney, while gaining project control Director at drone contractor RekonLooking ahead, Henderson sees dronesand visibility.Solutions, says, Over the last fourbecoming even more versatile as years, the use of LiDAR has becomeregulations evolve with the technologyThe Procore platform is an umbrella for more prevalent with drones, becauseto allow drone operation beyondseveral utilities. LiDAR has started to get small enoughthe operators line-of-sight, which is to be mounted on reasonably-pricedcurrently required. That will open upProject Management enables teams to (drone) systems. As a result, the costthe industry to the next level, he says,collaborate anytime and anywhere, from of operating, and the cost of providingwith clients using systems that arethe field to the office; they can access all the information from that LiDARcompletely automated, and just run athe project information they need, with system, has become more affordable,set program. Those would have somereal-time updates and tracking. so were working for a lot of small landsort of collision avoidance systems that developers, small civil engineering firmswould apply when structures or towerQuality & Safety collects data from that can now afford to use the system,cranes go up, and they would be able tothe team as it goes through its daily where before they wouldnt have. Headapt. Construction companies wouldtasks. The data includes daily logs, says, for instance, that it shot a futuretake on the operation of those systemsinspections, observations and more, right-of-way for power line planningthemselves, or they would sub themwhich is then used to mitigate risk, GENERAL CONTRACTING|CONCRETE SPECIALISTSCONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT|DESIGN-BUILDCOMMERCIAL|INDUSTRIAL| INSTITUTIONALHOSPITALITY|MULTI-FAMILY|RESIDENTIALGREYBACK CONSTRUCTION LTD.WWW.GREYBACK.COM | 250.493.797262 SOUTHERN INTERIOR CONSTRUCTION ASSOCIATION'