b'CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY TRENDSBuilding information modelling is also having an impact on project deliveryProud to be a memberworkflow. The whole production process of the traditional architecturewith SICA for 50 years!deliverable is changed, says Chatterton. Its like delivering hay with a horse and buggy, and weve now replaced the horse with a V8 engine, but were still trying to hitch it to a buggywere still trying to cram this new technology into a traditional process. That is really starting to evolve, and I think itll happen faster because what were seeing is, companies are not being successful with BIM because theyre trying to cram it into aPlumbing Gas Heating Air Conditioning HVACtraditional industry, and theyreseeing inefficiencies. Geothermal Sheet Metal Fire Sprinkler Emergency ServiceChatterton feels that were into theServing Kamloops and Area since 1949 www.iphltd.com 250-372-3441third generation of BIM, with the first generation being the architects adopting BIM because it was a great design tool that enabled them to communicate their design plans effectively. The second generation was the contractors picking up on that and realizing that BIM could help them deliver a project more cost effectively, which drove the architects to do more with BIM. Now, says Chatterton, the third generation is the clientsthe building owners and customers are starting to see that, and theyre starting to demand more, and thats why were seeing the Department of National Defence mandate this, and Alberta Infrastructure is starting a BIM protocol, because they know that there is a value there that they can utilize, even if they dont quite know how yet.DRONESReady, Set . Partner with us for your fast track to success!Our winning products and services include:Magazines Social MediaDirectories BlogsShow Guides E-Books & White Pages Website Ad Sales EventsPhoto credit: Rekon Solutions Inc. Video SupplementsSponsorship Sales ProfilesDrones have been used for several yearsBuyers Guidesin the construction sector, mainly forE-Newslettersbuilding inspections and site photos.Custom Content MarketingHowever, the biggest leap for drones hasContact us today at www.mediaedge.ca or been the shrinking of technology thatRobert Thompson 647-494-4229SICA CONSTRUCTION REVIEWFall 201961'