b'RISE IN WOOD MANUFACTURINGTHE RISE IN WOODMANUFACTURING The Wood Innovation and Design BY MATTHEW BRADFORD Centre in Prince George was built in 2014.B.C. LEADING LUMBER REVOLUTION ts boom days ahead forrenaissance or building constructionimplement the changes aheadI Canadas wood manufacturers.boom like this ever before. of schedule. Changes to the National Building Code, potentialSeveral factors are contributing to thisChanges to the National Building legislation and growing interest inrevival. Chief among them are plans toCode that allow for taller wood wood-based building materials isamend the National Building Code ofbuildings take effect next year, but were creating high demand for stakeholdersCanada (NBCC) to allow mass timbernot waiting to get started, announced throughout the industry. building construction up to 12 storeysB.C. Premier John Horgan in early The groundswell of activity andin height, as opposed to the current2019. Our government is ready to interest going on right now in the woodsix-storey limit. The move is expectedwork with communities to build safe, manufacturing sector is incrediblyto spark significant demand for masssecure, and green tall wood buildings high, says Hardy Wentzel, CEO oftimber building products, and stokethat will create jobs, grow B.C.sStructurlam, a mass timber productsinterest in wood construction overall.value-added sector and realize ourmanufacturer out of Penticton. Ivelow-carbon future.spent my entire 30-plus-year career inThe NBCC changes are coming into the engineered wood products space,effect in 2020, after which they willB.C.s move to adopt the new mass and Ive been at the frontlines oftake time to filter down into individualtimber building amendments earlier many new engineered wood productprovinces and territories. That said,than other provinces is slated to give the developments, but I have never seen athe B.C. government is working toprovinces wood manufacturing players 48 SOUTHERN INTERIOR CONSTRUCTION ASSOCIATION'