b'PROUD MEMBER OFWhether you are dealing with unusual load requirements, soft soils, seismic concerns, or challenging access, our team have the technical skill and sophisticated equipment to give you the right foundation.In addition to helical piles, BC Concrete & Piling also installs drilled micropiles, sonic vibro-drivenpiles,andhelicalmicropiles.Westayontheforefrontoffoundation technology to make sure that we can choose the best options for our customers.PILE OPTIONS: LOAD TESTING:Helical Piles Proof of ConceptHelical Micropiles Optimize DesignSonic Vibro-Driven Piles Static Axial CompressionMicropiles/Soil Nails Static Axial TensionSheet Piles Lateral TestingTimber Piles Test PilesCall 250-300-4950info@bcconcrete.caCONSULTATIONDESIGNINSTALLATIONTESTING'