b'GOLD SEAL INTERNSGOLD SEAL INTERNSAdkin, Patrick - Chevalier, Darren Brent - DeVuyst, Ronald C. -Superintendent, Civil Infrastructure Estimator, General Superintendent, GeneralAtkins, Bret - Collins, Dale - Project Manager, Electrical Dingwall, Andrew -Superintendent, Civil Infrastructure Collins, Nick - Project Manager, Electrical Superintendent, Civil InfrastructureAzama, Marshall - Estimator, General Cooper, Chris - Superintendent, General Docherty, Aidan - Project Manage, GeneralBachelder, Dave - Crowe, David - Superintendent, General Donohoe, Michael -Superintendent, General Project Manager, GeneralCruickshank, Bradley John - Dougherty, Ryan Luke -Banks, Carly - Estimator, General Superintendent, Civil InfrastructureBateson, Tyler - Superintendent, Utility/PowerCruickshank, David - Dudgeon, Donald -Superintendent, Civil Infrastructure Superintendent, Civil Infrastructure Project Manager, GeneralBay, Derek Joseph - Currie, David - Project Manager, General Durocher, Adam -Project Manager, Electrical de Pfyffer, Robert - Superintendent, Civil InfrastructureBennett, Jason - Superintendent, General Superintendent, Civil Infrastructure Dzinic, Dario -Betts, Cameron - Dees, Joachim - Superintendent, General Construction Safety CoordinatorProject Manager, ElectricalBoake, Thomas -Superintendent, Civil InfrastructureBoehr, Jason -Estimator, Civil InfrastructureBolduc, Paul - Superintendent, GeneralBooth, Ryan -Project Manager, Specialty TradeBourne, Paul -Superintendent, Civil InfrastructureBouwmeester, Bradley -Superintendent, Civil InfrastructureBouwmeester, Natasha -Project Manager, GeneralBrown, Aaron -Superintendent, Civil Infrastructure Plan ahead before using a ladder.Brown, Jason - Superintendent, GeneralBryson, Tylor - Falls are a leading cause of injury on B.C. Superintendent, Civil Infrastructure construction sites. Buchner, Jeremy -Project Manager, Civil InfrastructureCabreira, Arides A. -Project Manager, GeneralCampbell, Cody - Project Manage, General Learn how to use ladders and scaffolding Carvalho, Dimas - safely at worksafebc.com/constructionProject Manager, GeneralSICA CONSTRUCTION REVIEWFall 201929'