b'FROM OUR DIRECTOROF STAKEHOLDERENGAGEMENTAND ADVOCACYApprenticeship in ManitobaWhats Going On?!The first few months of 2021 have been interesting in theThese are a significant number of changes in a short amount of construction industry for various reasons, not the least of whichtimeespecially considering Apprenticeship Manitoba has been have been the significant changes to apprenticeship rules quiet for quite some time. The construction sector is concerned in Manitoba. that the mechanisms and governance in place at Apprenticeship In December, there were changes that affected journeyperson/ Manitoba are not ensuring the right people are informedapprenticeship ratios, final year apprentice supervision, gasfitterand heard.licensing and the prospect of a Construction Industry Wages ActWhat can we do to make sure Apprenticeship Manitoba works for repeal. All these issues could have a real impact on construction the industry into the future? A 110-page review of the system from in Manitoba. 2018 details some suggestions.Perhaps most significantly, regulation changes by ApprenticeshipThe report clearly identifies that there is a common view that Manitoba have affected apprenticeship ratios. Prior to the change, astakeholder engagement is weak and needs to be improvedcompany could have one apprentice for every journeyperson (1:1).which is largely attributed to the ineffectiveness of the Provincial The change now allows for two apprentices per journeyperson (2:1),Advisory Committees (PACs). which is being met with differing views. For example, WCA receivedAccording to the report, there is a PAC for each of the 55 trades, feedback that the ratio change for the electrical trade is not neededand it is not possible for all PACs to meet regularly in a meaningful considering there is no problem attracting people to the trade. Inway. The report suggests dropping the PACs and creating four to other trades where few journeypersons are available, like in ruralsix industry-based committees to meet regularly and meaningfully. areas, a 2:1 ratio is a welcome step. Overall, industry representativesThese committees could develop sub-committees to evaluate are concerned because it seems this change came out of nowhere. changes such as the items listed previously in the article.Included in these changes is that a final year apprentice is noIt is clear the provincial government was paying attention longer included in the ratio calculation, something a majority of theto this review. Very recently, Bill 61The Apprenticeship and industry agrees with. Certification Amendment Act was released which will adopt these Additionally, there was a major change to the mandatoryrecommendations. It will also make additional changes in its requirement for obtaining a gasfitter licence with the removalgovernance to make Apprenticeship Manitoba more nimble and of the last year of apprenticeship in the piping trades (Plumber,quick to respond to the needs of the industry. In addition, there Steamfitter-Pipefitter and Refrigeration & Air Conditioning). Thisare changes that will also make a path to develop designated means that an apprentice in a piping trade will finish one yearoccupations more clear.earlier but will not have their gasfitter licence. If they want thatApprenticeship Manitobas future success will hinge on improved skill, they will have to return to school for another year to earn thatcommunication with the industry it serves. WCA is hopeful the licence. Many within the mechanical trades are concerned this willchanges outlined in Bill 61 lead to a stronger apprenticeship and lead to a deskilling of the workforce. All the western provinces taketraining sector in Manitobait has to. Without a skilled workforce, different approaches when it comes to gasfitters, so there is no clearconstruction stops.consensus nationwide on the best approach.On top of these changes, the provincial government indicated they would like to repeal the Construction Industry Wages Act (CIWA). CIWA is legislation unique to Manitoba that outlines minimum wage rates for most of the construction trades in the province. This can be a valuable piece of legislation when it is kept up to date, but ithas not been, as the last reference wage is from 2017. After vocal opposition, the province agreed not to repeal and committed toDarryl Harrison developing a working group. (As of the beginning of February, thereDirector, Stakeholder Engagement and Advocacyare no details on the progress of this working group.)10 BUILD MANITOBAwinnipegconstruction.ca'