b'Photo by Lindsay Reid.from drawings that were born out ofgetting it ready for all of that curvedexpedite the build, but Schmalz stresses construction tolerance. With the verticalglass. But our structural steel contractorthat Border Glass couldnt really start vault in the main floor of the building,had to model the entire thing in the until all the steel was installed. That we had Border Glass doing all of thefirst place.seems to be the case everywhere we glass and cladding work, infilling a bunchturned, he says. With all the curves, of the steel structure with aluminumSo much of modern constructionTrade 1 had to be 100 per cent done of their own to finish fitting it out andinvolves overlaps between trades tobecause Trade 2 had to come in and measure it up all over again[so] that they could match to it.It helped that trades now have digital scanning technology available to them. There were times when they put up all of their vertical cladding, and then came back and scanned the partially completed work again so that further cladding would fit perfectly, muses Schmalz. You had trades that were scanning their own work to try and make new models of their as-built conditions. It was out of this worldlike nothing Ive ever seen before.The expected challenge of the vertical vault lived up to that billing for another reason, this one pandemic-related: the glazing came out of China. There was about a four-week shutdown there, explains Schmalz. Then getting it shipped to North America was, frankly, a nightmare. From what I understand, 42 BUILD MANITOBAwinnipegconstruction.ca'