b'WCA EDUCATIONCONSTRUCTION RISKSix key insurance requirement changes in the newly released CCDC 2-2020 & CCDC 41By Christopher WiensThe newly released CCDC 2-2020 Stipulated Price Contract and corresponding CCDC 41 Insurance Requirements have been updated as of December 14, 2020. Among many contractual changes, the minimum acceptable insurance requirements have been significantly modified. CCDC 41 is an addendum to virtually all CCDC contracts, captured in the Insurance Conditions of CCDC 2 as the minimum requirements of which are specified in CCDC 41 in effect at the time of bid closing. On this basis, the updated terms found in CCDC 41 would apply to all CCDC contracts, regardless of the version being utilized. 1 5CHANGES THAT WILL IMPACT INSURANCE AND BONDING: Ready for Takeover is the new milestone for insuranceContactors Pollution LiabilityCCDC 41 adds a and bonding completion dates. A Builders Risk/Coursepollution-specific limit requirement of $5,000,000.The of Construction Insurance (GC Broad FormSudden & Accidental/Limited Pollution coverage Property Insurance) policy is required to be maintainedoften provided within a CGL policy will not meet this until 10 days after the Ready for Takeover date, ratherrequirement. Pollution coverage can be purchased on than the substantial completion date. This could be aa project-by-project or an annual basis extending to all longer period depending on the specific project. There6operations and projects. will not be a Ready for Takeover certificate issued, but rather a verification of Ready for Takeover providedUnmanned Aircraft LiabilityCCDC 41 adds a limit by the Consultant/Owner. We recommend that thisrequirement of $5,000,000 for drone liability exposure. 2 Similar to existing requirements for Aircraft & Watercraft verification always be received in writing.Liability, this will only apply if drones are being used in BondingWarranty Period will now start at the Readyconnection with performance of the work.for Takeover date rather than the substantial completion date (unless otherwise noted in the contract documents).For specific information on how these changes impact your The substantial completion date cannot occur prior to thecurrent insurance program and strategies to satisfy these Ready for Takeover date, but they may coincide and benew requirements going forward, please contact APEX for 3 further discussion. the same date. Commercial General Liability LimitCCDC 41Apex Surety & Insurance Ltd. is a Winnipeg-based specialty increases the required limit to $10,000,000 frominsurance brokerage focusing on construction, bonding, $5,000,000. This can be achieved by increasing the CGLdesign professionals, real estate and manufacturing. 4 Christopher Wiens is a partner atlimit or via an Umbrella/Excess Liability policy. Auto Insurance Limit of LiabilityCCDC 41 increases the limit required to $10,000,000 from $5,000,000. ThisApex Surety & Insurance Ltd. Reach him at can be achieved by increasing the primary Automobilechristopher.wiens@apexsurety.capolicy limit or through an Umbrella/Excess Liabilitypolicy that specifically schedules the applicableor (204) 560-2508. Automobile policy.MAKING YOU AND YOUR PROJECTS LOOK GREAT SINCE 1968777 Century StWinnipeg, MB R3H 0M2204-774-3461winnipeg@\x1focor.ca889 WALL STREET WINNIPEG, MB Pipe ~ ValvesOFFICE: 204-786-5875MOBILE: 204-218-8430 Fittings ~ HangersWWW.VALOURDECORATING.COM24 BUILD MANITOBAwinnipegconstruction.ca'