b'8.U OF M SOUTHWOOD LANDS By Warren HeeleyIn 2011, the University of Manitoba (U of M) purchased the 46-hectare Southwood Lands, formerly the Southwood Golf and Country Club. After 10 years of planning, the land is coming to life with the recent announcement by the university that development is underway. The developer is UM Properties, a separate company owned by U of M whose mission is to generate income for the university and transform the campus.The vision for the land centres around the need for morethe edge of the U of M property along Sifton Road. As housing on campus, says UM Properties CEO Greg Rogers.development proceeds across the property, the height of Southwood is the best opportunity for new housing for thethe housing buildings will decrease to blend in with the wide variety of people affiliated with the university and othersresidential communities bordering it. who use the universitys facilities. It is an ideal location to meet this vision. Southwood is currently seen as the one ofThe lands location on the Red River is another key element the most prime pieces of property in Winnipeg. in the success of the new community. The intention is to have The timeline for completion of the development plan extendswaterfront access shared by the residents and visitors and over 40 years as part of a larger Visionary Regenerationadd to the landscape of the U of M campus. The plan also Master Plan for the university. The Southwood plan includescontains steps for the Indigenous community within U of M, over 10,000 housing units, commercial space for restaurants,including a new home for the U of M-based National Centre small grocery stores, banks and other services, as well asfor Truth and Reconciliation.parks, trails and walkways to connect with the U of M campus.UM Properties calculates the total value of the project at Development of the plan included public consultations andapproximately $3 billion, generating close to $200 million international solicitation of design ideas from planning andfor the university. This development is similar to universities architectural companies. around the world who are looking for ways to leverage Other features include a bus rapid transit line and greentheir land that is not needed for academic uses to generate space, including a kilometre-long Red River walkway thatincome for the institution, notes Rogers.joins with the existing U of M waterfront path. This projectA number of steps in the plans approval process have is likely the largest infill development of its kind in thenow been completed, including signoff by the Assiniboia city of Winnipeg, explains Rogers. We need to createCommunity Committee, property, planning and development, a vibrant urban mixed-use community including transit,executive policy and the city council. The next step is the retail, professional services and green space. We also needzoning and subdivision committee; once approved, the first population density to support the services located in thephase will go to market in about 18 months through land community and a walkable approach for residents in leases to private developers and builders. all seasons. This plan is good news for the development and The development will be done in phases, with the firstconstruction industry, states Rogers. We look forward to phase including up to 2,000 multi-family apartments andpartnering with the industry to make the Southwood Lands a condominium towers of up to 25 storeys beginning atworld-class development.8 Don Valley ParkwayWinnipeg, MBR2C 2Z2DREW SYCHPresidentTel 204-940-6102Fax 204-235-0637Cell 204-801-597036 BUILD MANITOBAwinnipegconstruction.ca'