b'Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada4. COVID-19 has obviously affected the worksite, as well as ROYAL AVIATION MUSEUM changing the interior design of the museum. PCLs health OF WESTERN CANADAand safety rules meet local safety regulations, including By Warren Heeley worker and visitor screening, temperature testing, physical The new home of the Royal Aviation Museum of Westerndistancing, mandatory masks and crews that sanitize Canada (RAM) is well on its way to completion at thesurfaces at the site. According to Badry, The COVID safety Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.requirements are simply becoming the new norm for jobsites. The new museum site broke ground in April 2020, and as ofIn fact, the additional planning for COVID creates a healthier the end of January 2021, the exterior of the main building isand safer workplace.complete with work continuing on the interior. The interior design has also been changed because of We are currently closing in the walls in the interior of theCOVID-19. Typical designs of pre-pandemic museums structure, says Myke Badry, Operations Manager at PCLinvolved clusters of information hubs that were typically Constructors, the construction manager for the project. Thecrowded areas. RAMs design has been altered to spread building envelope is about 90 per cent complete, includingout information around the planes and eliminate crowding. hanging the huge overhead door at the west end of Circulation patterns and the exhibit locations have been the building.redefined to reduce personal interaction and encourage social distancing.The overhead door of the museum is 100 by 35 ft. and allowsPCLs efforts have resulted in no cases of COVID-19 on-site aircraft movement from the hangar to the outdoor aviationto date, which reflects well on the companys commitment to plaza. The building is 86,000 sq. ft. with a three-storey exhibitsafety protocols during the pandemic. COVID-19 has not had hangar and two floors of museum support spaces. a significant effect on the project other than a few material The proximity to the airport restricted overhead cranedelays that have not affected our schedule, says Badry. clearances and eliminated the use of drones for site surveyingIn fact, the project is currently ahead of theand construction progress reports. Though drones couldconstruction timeline.not be used outside, we have been using them on the insideBadry indicates that construction and landscaping is forecast of the cavernous structure for inspection and progressto be completed by end of August 2021. He compliments reporting, notes Badry. his partners on the projectthe entire consulting team, the Height restrictions on the steel erection cranes caused themWinnipeg Airport Authority and RAM, who were great to to be installed in two pieces to meet Transport Canadawork with and instrumental in the progress to date.requirements. There are also height restrictions on the mainIn the fall of 2021, RAM plans to move aircraft into the new buildingthe museums west wall is angled to maintainmuseum in anticipation of a soft launch of the site in the first sightlines from the air traffic control tower and cargo aprons.half of 2022. The new museum is the first bit of Winnipeg Additionally, glazing on the exterior wall facing the controlarchitecture that passengers see when exiting the airport, tower has been angled to avoid sunlight glare that couldstates Badry. The site will be attractive, full of light and an affect sight in the tower. excellent show piece for travelers from around the world.34 BUILD MANITOBAwinnipegconstruction.ca'