b"U of M Southwood Lands9. 10.LAKE MANITOBANORTH END WATER POLLUTIONCHANNEL CONTROL CENTRE (NEWPCC)The Province of Manitoba is investingUpgrades at Winnipegs oldest and largest sewage treatment plant are required in the construction of two diversionto meet the Environment Act License. Considered one of the largest, most channels, each roughly 24 kilometrescomplicated upgrade projects in North America, the project includes construction long, for Lake Manitoba and Lake St.of a new power substation to meet the additional power demand, new Headworks Martin. The project will enhance floodFacilities, new Biosolids Facilities to turn wastewater sludge into biosolids and protection to communities around LakeNutrient Removal Facilities to remove nitrogen and phosphorus from Winnipegs Manitoba and Lake St. Martin and help towastewater. According to the province, the plant upgrades will accommodate strengthen Manitoba's existing networkfuture growth in the catchment area and provide treatment during wet weather of flood mitigation infrastructure. Theevents such as snow melt or large rainstorms. four-year, $540-million project would include bridges, water control structures and highway infrastructure, and would be one of the largest earthmoving and flood-mitigating missions in Manitoba since the expansion of the Red River Floodway. Construction of the project is anticipated to begin as early as fall of 2021.HONOURABLE MENTIONPAYWORKSJust a few years after the renovation to their existing offices at 1565 Wilson Place, Payworks is planning another significant building projectAward-winning expertise to meet your unique requirementswith the construction of a new office. Located on Kenaston Blvd. in Winnipegs Waverley West, the building will be three storeys and approximately 90,000 sq. ft. Quality Service, Quality People | (204) 233-3292 | lowecanada.comIssue 1 Spring Edition 2021 BUILD MANITOBA 37"