b'(RE)INTRODUCING COMMUNICATIONS BUILD MANITOBA GRAPHICMANAGER MANAGING EDITOR DESIGNERDustin Pernitsky Twila Driedger Carman TangYour WCA Team Questions: A: During the pandemic Ive spent a lotA: Sharing important stories about peopleA: The best part about my job is beingWithout the opportunity for face-to-face interaction at our favouriteQ: What is the best part about of time breaking down provincial healthand projects that are making an impact in theable to use my creative skills every day restrictions, federal support programs andconstruction industry in an interesting, reader- while working with an amazing group of events, like toasting at our popular Builders Night Gala or enjoying ayour job? other government initiatives and restrictions.friendly format. people. I couldnt ask for a better team!burger and a beverage at our annual summer barbecue, we wantedThis stuff can be incredibly confusing, andA:This winter, my husband put an A: When were not in the middle of a our members are busy completing importantoutdoor rink in our backyard, and pandemic, I enjoy traveling and exploring, to remind you who we are and what we do behind the scenes andQ: What do you do in your projects that improve Manitobans lives,together with our three sons, we getting together with family and friends, computer screens. Until we can meet in person or catch up in ourspare time? so Ive really enjoyed being able to helphave spent many hours skating on it, as well playing soccer and being active.our members understand the regulationsas on various river trails. Ive subsequently Construction Education Centre, read our Q&A and get to know theWhats your go-to for take-out? they need to follow and the programs theybecome a master at making hot chocolate. A: We often order Vietnamese from team working for you at the WCA. We hope to see you soon! Q:can take advantage of. Every time I have aPho Kim Tuong. Id suggest theconversation with a member that makes theirA: Dominos or McDonalds if Im overruled.Coconut Tom Yum soup andjobs and lives easier, thats a great day. Siam Thai if its my lucky day. one of their bubble teas madeA:I play dodgeball at a competitive with fresh fruit!OFFICElevel. Yes, its a real sport. If you everADMINISTRATOR want to check it out, reach out toPRESIDENT & MEETINGSme and Ill take you to a drop-inRon Hambley AND EVENTSADMINISTRATOR some time. Im also a bit of a movie MANAGER, COORDINATOR & PROPERTYbuffI watched 154 films in 2020 and am upCONSTRUCTION Holly McClelland MANAGER to 27 in the first six weeks of 2021. INFORMATION &BUSINESS Sharla Makar NEWS DEVELOPMENT A: Love meeting and working withA: Every event I plan, I am always meetingA: Im going to use this opportunity to shoutLes Maksymowicz MANAGERindependently minded, free enterprisingnew people. The best part about my job is allout Kosmos Food Cantina. Theyre a littleJaqueline Gershmancontractors. the relationships Ive built over the years withA: The best thing about my job is the hole-in-the-wall inside the German Club at 121 industry members and peers. people I work with.Charles Street. Their branding and aesthetic isA: I enjoy the people I work with and the A:Since I cant downhill ski super cool, and the menu is small but alwaysmany different opportunities to meet new this year, I am cross-country A: Golf, golf, golf! A: I like to go for a run or spend changing. Get the tater tots and the smokedpeople in the construction industry. A: I worked in the construction industry early skiing (and I have discovered A: Fire & Water Bistro at time at the lake. mac n cheese for side dishestrust me. A:I enjoy spending time with my wifein my career, and back then, you never saw I dont like it).Buffalo Point. Shannon and daughter Elsie, taking my dogsa lot of women in the industry, except in the A: My go-to place for take-out is the Mottolaoffice. Since coming back, Ive really enjoyed A: India Curry Place for butter chicken. OMG. Grocery/Hargrave Street Market.Harvey and Mika for walks, hearing and meeting women who are in all playing soccer, baking, camping aspects of the industry.and visiting friends or family. A:Cook, bake, read, workout,MANAGER,A: BodegoesOld Market Square. organize, garden, puzzles. BUILDCASTMANAGER,CONTROLLER DIRECTOR,Kelly Pickard A: Depends on what we feel likeLEARNING &Meagan Doherty STAKEHOLDEReating, but my faves are Sukothai for Thai DEVELOPMENT ENGAGEMENT food and Salisbury for a cheese nip. (Im still a & GOLD SEAL & ADVOCACY sucker for them!)Peggy Zurkan Darryl Harrison A: Uncovering new and interesting projectsPROJECT around Manitoba no one else knows aboutCOORDINATORA: The best thing about WCA is the staff, foryet. Prerna VermaA: Spending time in the WCA Constructionsure. But the best thing about my specific jobA: There are two things about my job thatA: Go to the lake and travel.Education Centre where I have the opportunityis that every day is different. There is alwaysmake it fun. First, I get to meet with a lot to meet so many interesting and wonderfulsomething unique to deal with and thats oneof different people regularly. A big partA: Fast food: Qdoba. Higher end: Wasabi. PROJECT people. And the leftover lunches! thing Ive always liked about accounting. of advocacy is understanding someonesA: The best thing about my job is that everyCOORDINATORA: It doesnt feel like there is a lot of free timeA:Pre-COVID, I enjoyed playing position and comparing that to WCAs, whichday is different. There is something new toKim Halipchukwith a young family, but this winter we volleyball. During COVID, I enjoy is always better to do through conversation.learn every day and that keeps it exciting. have been enjoying backyard luge, taking on renovation projects The second aspect that I enjoy is that no two an attempt at building an around the house. days are the same. Since I work to advocatePROJECTA:I am enjoying cooking theseigloo, tobogganing and skating.on our members behalf, I can be working onCOORDINATOR days, with some music in theA: Go-to has to be Pho Cuu Long. We love toa provincial issue one day, then a city issue theStacy Huen background. It is fun! Or A: Being a part of this industry for 30 years A: Santa Lucia is one of the top.support local and love Vietnamese food. next and then perhaps an issue that has federalfacetiming my friends and really makes my co-workers and our members interest. It helps to keep things exciting. family (considering the time feel like an extended family. I have made a lot A: I spend my free time with my zone difference between us). of friends and acquaintances along the way.family. We have two children A: How pleasant everyone is to deal withI also like watching movies. A:Spend time with close friends and visit my MANAGER, MEMBER SERVICES - Kelly Thiessen and, on the cold winter daysstaff, members, everyone is so nice inA: If I am craving some good comfortfamily in the U.S.A: Being a part of the associations successes over the years and all theit may mean a (far too long) comparison to your average public-facing job. food, my go-to places would be Holy SpiceA: Georges Burgers, Joeysamazing people I have met.Monopoly game or, more recently, the kidsA: Pre-COVID, dodgeball was East Indian Cuisine and Dawat Take Out &Seafood and Santa Lucia Pizzahave really started to like playing Clue. We alsomy life. These days, video games Catering. Some of my other favourite take-outare our three faves!A: I enjoy going to our cabin at the lake and hanging spend a lot of time outside staying active. are my competitive outlet. places are Nicolinos and Brazen Hall Kitchen out with my daughters and granddaughters.A: The kids love pizza, so when we dont feel& Brewery.A: Santa Lucia Pizza. like cooking anything, its a call to 222-2222. A: Vanxai on St. Annes Road.Issue 1 Spring Edition 2021 BUILD MANITOBA 17'