b"WCA NEWSEFFICIENCY MANITOBAHow long have youMETRO WALLCOVERINGS been in business?DAWSON WALLACEBuilding on the long history of energy CONSTRUCTION How long have you efficiency in Manitoba, we became How long have you been in business? operational in April 2020 as Manitobas been in business? Metro Wallcoverings was incepted inone-stop shop for energy efficiency.Established in 1987, Dawson Wallacethe early 1970s in Ontario and has 40+ Construction has been serving Westernyears of industry experience. What types of services does your company offer? Canada for more than 30 years. What types of services does yourWe offer rebates, incentives and What types of services does yourcompany offer? programs to make saving energy and company offer?Metro Wallcoverings is Canadasreducing energy bills easy, affordable We specialize in constructionleading distributor of interiorand satisfying. We help business management, design-build andsolutions for all markets. We offer anowners save money on their energy general contracting project deliveriesunparalleled selection of commercialbills, increase the comfort of their across multiple market sectorsand digital wallcoverings, wallworkspaces and reduce greenhouse including commercial, retail, lightprotection, architectural films, acousticgas emissions.industrial, health care, education andsolutions, decorative woods, metals institutional, interiors and renovations,and fabrics. If you cannot find exactlyWhy did you become aand more. Additionally, we routinelywhat you are looking for, Metro offersWCA member? provide preconstruction, valuecustom design capabilities. We became a member of the WCA to nurture existing relationships and build engineering and constructabilityWhy did you become a new relationships with members of support, high level budgets andWCA member? Manitobas construction industry. Our design-assist services to our clientsTo access new tenders and betterpriority is to empower Manitobans to and other industry collaborators. connect and service Western save energy, so its important for us Why did you become a Canada and build long-lasting, to help members build and maintain WCA member?key relationships in the energy-efficient buildings.We believe in the philosophy ofconstruction community. Describe your team in three words. fostering positive relationshipsDescribe your team in three words. Expert, accessible, collaborative.with our industry partners to createCommitment, collaboration, creativity.a unified and mutually beneficialWhat is one of your 2021construction network to best serveWhat is one of your 2021 business goals? the needs of clients and communitybusiness goals? One of our strategic goals is to build stakeholders, and to being an activeTo prospect the future growth in theand maintain meaningful partnerships presence in the communities we buildconstruction industry across Canadawith a customer focus. We look in. We're excited to learn from ourand increase our brand presence in theforward to working with all our fellow WCA members and to bring ourmarketplace.partners, including the WCA, as we expertise into the mix for the benefit ofreach Manitobans with opportunities the Winnipeg market.to save and contribute to economic Describe your team in three words.recovery efforts.Committed, innovative, focused. What is one of your 2021 m o c . W C M . w w wbusiness goals? To continue to grow our business operations and to further establishHigh Voltageour presence in Winnipeg and theEnergyoverall Manitoba market as a trustedMechanical and Electricalconstruction and community partner. EngineeringOur goal is to bring CREATIVITY and EXPERTISE for sustainable design and energy innovation.THANK YOU to our employees and clients for MCWs continued success.Issue 1 Spring Edition 2021 BUILD MANITOBA 19"