b"international shipping was trying to re-route its well-established standard routes, which is not easy. Then Chinese manufacturing comes back online, andsuddenly you can't get enough ships back there fast enough to try to clear what had quickly become a backlog.Its a legacy for everyone involved, so when you finallyPhoto courtesy of the Winnipeg Art Gallerytake off the paper and you walk by it.it shouldn't be a surprise, but the place is fantastic.- Rick Chopp 204-661-10551820 DeVries Ave.Winnipeg, MBAnother major challenge was the full mechanical retrofit for the existing WAG building to marry it with the technologyPRODUCTS FOR THE INDUSTRYin the new building, with both requiring museum standard constants of 20 degrees and 50 per cent humidity.www.springhilllumber.comWe couldn't get the humidity to rise, explains Schmalz, and we wondered if the settings were correct. The controls indicated the mechanical was providing 50 per cent humidity, but the actual readings were far from it because the [Qaumajuq] building was kind of pulling in that moisture, so it took a couple of weeks for that to come around. We also had to make sure that the existing side [the WAG] didn't go all out of whack when we tried to acclimatize the new buildingwe had to really balanceit out.Although the pandemic forced PCL to delay some specific work tasks that required close physical distances between workers early onand the logistics of sanitization and physical distancing had to be worked outwork continued on other aspects of the project. Ultimately, says Schmalz, We ended up pushing out our finish date by about a month or six weeks due Issue 1 Spring Edition 2021 BUILD MANITOBA 43"