b'BENCHMARKS The statutory holdback must beresponsibility for compliance withforces to comply with all health and paid to the contractor no later than 10applicable health and constructionsafety precautions and programs working days following the expiration ofsafety legislation. CCDC 22020established by the contractor.the holdback period. removes that provision and in GeneralPart 13: Indemnification and WaiverChange Directives Condition 9.4 places responsibility forGeneral Condition 13.1.2 (previously General Condition 6.3.7 of establishing, initiating, maintainingGeneral Condition 12.1.2) now provides CCDC 22020 revises the list ofand supervising all health and safetythat in respect to indemnification by the claimable actual costs and now providesprecautions on the contractor. However,contracting parties against the other that the costs are to have contribute[d]General Condition 9.4 requires thefor losses suffered, the obligation is directly to the implementation of theowner and contractor to comply withrestricted to direct loss and damage, HEAVY-DUTY COMMITMENT DEMANDSall health and safety rules, regulations, HEAHEVYA-DUTVY-DUTY COMMITMENTY COMMITMENT DEMANDS DEMANDSand neither party shall have any liability Change Directive. HEAVY-DUTY EQUIPMENT practices and programs, and places the HEAHEVYA-DUTVY-DUTY EQUIPMENTY EQUIPMENT to the other for indirect, consequential, Construction Safety responsibility on the owner to causepunitive or exemplary damages.General Condition 3.2.2 previouslythe consultant, other contractorsstated that the owner assumed overall(a newly defined term) and the ownersContractor DelaysGeneral Condition 6.5.2 has been revised to require that if a contractor is delayed in the performance of the work HEAVY-DUTY COMMITMENT DEMANDS HEAHEVYA-DUTVY-DUTY COMMITMENTY COMMITMENT DEMANDS DEMANDSby a stop work order issued by a court HEAVY-DUTY EQUIPMENTHEAHEVYA-DUTVY-DUTY EQUIPMENTY EQUIPMENT or other public authority, resulting in You work hard every day and need to get the job done right the failure of the Contractor to attain You work hard every day and need to gejto tbh ednotnals Ltd., we know jobe d roignhetr ightYou wortkh eh afirrds te tvimerey.dAaty W anesdt cnoene dE qtou igpemt tehnet& Re Ready-for-Takeover, the Contract Time the firsthte t ifimrset.tAimt We. eAstt Wcoens Etcqounip Emqueinptm &e Rnet n&t aRlse nLttdal.s,wLted k.,n woew knowthat your work is important. 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Ltd. and consider how the changes may uipm& Rent&a lRs eL&nt dwww.wewswtcwwow.nweweq.swutciepos.cntcaeoqnueipq.uciap.ca Push Boundaries. s. WinnipeWg,i nMnWiBpi enRgn2,i pXMe 2BgR,RM92 BXR22RX92R9GET 0% Push BoundariePush Boundaries. GET 0% GET 0%R R impact project delivery. 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UTHORIZED JCB CONSTRUCTION YOUR AYOUR AUTHORIZED JCB CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT DEALER FOR . CCDC 22020 and it will soon be as EQUIPMENT DEALER FOREQUIPMENT DEALER FORSASKASATCHEWSKASATSKACHEWAN AND MANITOBA .TCHEWAN AND MANITOBA.AN AND MANITOBAREGINAREGINAREGINAcommonly used as CCDC 22008. Hwy. #1 East, North Service Road Hwy. #1 East, North Service R oad oad Hwy. #1 East, North Service REmerald PEmerald Park, SKS4L 1B6The lawyers at MLT Aikins have the Emerald Park, SKS4L 1B6 ark, SKS4L 1B6 (306) 359-7273 | (888) 777-5438 (306) 359-7273 | (888) 777-5438 (306) 359-7273 | (888) 777-5438ATOONexperience and industry focus to assist ATOONSASKATOON SASKSASK3530 Idylwyld Drive Northyou during each phase of the project, 3530 Idylwyld Drive North 3530 Idylwyld Drive North Saskatoon, SKS7L 6G3 Saskatoon, SKS7L 6G3 Saskatoon, SKS7L 6G3 (306) 934-3646 | (877) 329-0375 from contract drafting and negotiation (306) 934-3646 | (877) 329-0375 (306) 934-3646 | (877) 329-0375 WINNIPEGthrough to any project disputes. 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