b'opportunities, and leaving with a relationship that everyone can leverage in the future.Parkwest Projects Ltd. shares a similar philosophy. During a recent school-building initiative with Shoal Lake 40 First Nation, the firm engaged in robust consultations with the community to build a facility and relationship that continues to flourish. We were able to work with the community very early on in the project to understand their vision for theirParkwest consulted with Shoal Lake 40 First Nation during their school buildingschool, its desires in terms of design, equipment and amenities, and theventure with three First Nations groupsand capacity building of engaging optimal location for the school tofor a tower assembly.Band-owned, Band member-owned respect traditional grounds, says TylerValard has always valued the economicor community joint ventures for Clegg, Business Manager with Parkwest.and social benefits of engaging localsubcontracts also proves to beThat collaboration not only benefitedIndigenous communities within a projectcost-competitive and beneficial tothe final project, but it helped developarea and beyond, says Marc Ouimet,our projects. skills within the community and supportDirector of Indigenous Relations withSTRATEGIES the local economy. Valard. The advantages of sourcingThe path to meaningful and lasting Winnipegs Valard Construction has alsoa local Indigenous workforce reducesIndigenous relations looks different for worked in close connection with severaloverall costs associated with travel andeach firm. But while strategies vary, there First Nations communities to greataccommodation expenses, solidifiesare common factors that contribute to success. Notably, its Lake Winnipeg Eastand enhances the relationship withinthose who are successful. Transmission Project made history inthose territories, and, if commitments Manitoba as the first time a contractor/ are kept, establishes legacies supportingFirst and foremost, says Paul, Indigenous employer successfully completed a jointfuture infrastructure projects. The userelations need to be built on a WE BUILD MORE THANJUST BUILDINGS.WE BUILDCOMMUNITIES.CONTACT US TODAY FOR YOUR COMMUNITYS CONSTRUCTION NEEDS.204-775-7141 www.bird.caIssue 1 Spring Edition 2021 BUILD MANITOBA 39'