b'Manitoba : October - December 2020INDUSTRY SNAPSHOT$16B - $21.9B 106.6 * 109.7 7.85% Value of proposedWinnipeg buildingCanada averageConstruction industry projects in next construction pricesbuilding constructioncontributions to MBs 5 years indicesprice indices GDPINDUSTRY TRENDS LAST YEAR3.70 Workplace safety - time loss injury4.0rates / 100 FTE4,681 ** Number of construction4,776companies in MB47,100 Number of employees in MBs50,000construction sector3.4% Percentage of construction trades3.4%workforce which is female8.3% Manitoba Unemployment Rate(DEC) 5.0%$29.01 Average hourly wage in the28.16construction industry-5.3% Real GDP growth 0.6%(2020) (2019)$1.207 B YTD ICI Permit Values $1.811 B$547,483 Average ICI Permit Value $711,049* The Building Construction Price Index measures change over time in the prices that contractors charge toconstruct a range of new commercial, institutional, industrial and residential buildings. 2017 = 100** Number of construction businesses with employees (update June 2020)'