b'CSAM NEWSCSAM INNOVATES AND IMPROVES SAFETYTRAINING EXPERIENCELog on to the client portal TODAY for a simplified training processThe Construction Safety AssociationPrograms and Designations Coordinator of Manitoba (CSAM) is simplifying theMarla Warnick. Sometimes it takes a bitBenefits of theadministration of safety training with itsof time to complete all the training, so NEW online client portal.the portal offers a quick and easy wayCLIENT PORTAL:The new portal offers a central platformto track what requirements a client has completed and what requirements areto track safety training, allowing thestill outstanding. Review training recordsuser to view training records, print past Print past certificatescertificates, upload third-party training,To log into the online client portal, find upcoming training and more.users will need a Learner ID (which canEnroll in NCSO/NHSA be obtained by contacting CSAMsView your progressWhether youve previously taken CSAMWinnipeg or Brandon office), and then training or are just starting out, you canthey will be able to complete theirComplete any necessary formshead to our client portal to access yourtraining profile. Once this is complete, training records and register for trainingSubmit any required they will have full access to their training all in one convenient location, saysrecords and schedule. documents/certificatesTraining and Development ManagerOnce logged in, the portal will also notify Register for the NCSO/Meghan Storey. the user of any training that is within six Available 24/7, a user can view their fullmonths of expiration. For example, firstNHSA examtraining records and plan for upcomingaid trainingwhich is a requirement training once logged inplus the clientof both the NCSO and NHSA desig- our clients, anywhere they are, anytime portal offers a streamlined journey tonationexpires every three years. Thisthey need.achieving the National Constructionfeature will help users ensure they renew Safety Officer (NCSO) and Nationalthis training so that it remains current. While the online portal will simplify a Health and Safety Administratorlot of training needs, CSAM staff remain (NHSA) designations.The online client portal is one of theavailable to assist workers, employers, many ways CSAM is innovating safetyowners or supervisors with whatever Users can enroll in the NSCO orfor our clients, explains CSAM Executivethey need in terms of workplace safety NHSA programs with the click of aDirector Sean Scott. Along with ourand health training. Staff in Winnipeg button, register for the required training,online audit tool and CSAM App, this isare available at 204-775-3171 and in then track progress from their personalanother safety resource available to all ofBrandon at 204-728-3456.dashboard. Any necessary applications and supporting documentation can be uploaded via the client portal as part of the application process, as well. To get started with CSAMs client portal,The client portal really helps ourvisit constructionsafety.ca/client-portal.NCSO/NHSA applicants keep track of where theyre at in the process, says Issue 1 Spring Edition 2021 BUILD MANITOBA 27'