b"foundation of respect, awareness and patience. These things don't happen overnight. You need to invest in the time to get to know the community and local leaders because each are different in their own way.Construction teams can also benefit by taking time to assess how each community can contribute to a project. That means exploring local labour, subcontractors, services and resources, and then determining together how to enhance and maximize those capacities in a way that will foster economic growth long after the project is complete. Photo courtesy of Parkwest Projects Ltd. It also helps to make Indigenous relations part of the corporate culture. That could include creating Indigenous relations policies, embedding Indigenous relations teams and leaders and investing in cultural educationand training.It is important to develop and nurture a culture within a company that is knowledgeable and accepting that Indigenous Peoples in Canada have clear Supporting your and distinct rights and a say in how and where infrastructure projects will be business is our business. carried out across the country,adds Ouimet.Pros Need Pros. Ultimately, however, the secret to forming strong ties with Indigenous communities is doing so with a long-term view. While its important to Our Expertise is at Your Serviceensure your project is making an impact From paint and colour solutions to maintenance support, on the community while construction we can help with everything you need, so your propertiesis ongoing, Clegg says, the ultimate goal is to work alongside the community stand out from the rest. Connect with a Rep to get the to ensure that skills and capacity are unmatched personalized service you deserve. developed to leave impact long after the project is completed. mySWManage your account online by accessing invoices, making payments, and much more! 0% Interest S-W PRO Account CCABS PAR Your maintenance team can purchase on the account and youCERTIFICATION will only receive one invoice at months end.The Canadian Council for Aboriginal To learn more, visit sherwin-williams.ca/en Business (CCAB) created its Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) certification program to track and recognize companies that are good business partners, provide a great place to work and uphold a commitment to prosperity in Aboriginal communities. Learn more at ccab.com/programs/ progressive-aboriginal-relations-par.40 BUILD MANITOBAwinnipegconstruction.ca4668_WCA-Ad-key3.indd 1 1/27/21 9:14 AM"